Here you can read Camillas experience:

I own two Oldenburg mares, and the youngest of them was the main reason for why I contacted Lilian, concerning telepathy.

My horses are sisters, but very different at heart, Trisse is 11years and I have had her from a yearling. Malu is 8years and has been with me the last 5 years.

I have sometimes doubted whether my chemistry matches with Malu, because I have found it very difficult to ride her, in addition to that have often felt that she did not trust me and we were not making a connection.

Maybe I was just not the right owner for her.

Have previously tried to create a harmony through a course in horsemanship, but this time I would like to know what my horses thought!! "if this was possible".

A few years ago a colleague said his French teacher could do telepathy with animals, I then thought of Lilian.

I made contact with Lilian by phone just before Easter, and we agreed that she would come and visit us within a few days. Lilian did not wish to know about me or the horses in advance of her visit. My expectations were high, but at the same time I was also a bit nervous!

However, I had the feeling that something good would come out of her visit.

The meeting with Lilian was fantastic. She came with a description of each of my horses, which were quite unique and very sincere, Briefly, it was also a short description of my personality and a sense of belonging to my horses.

Trisse and Malu are both born with a bright mind, but Malu was marked by a trauma from her younger years. And the message was clear, until the trauma could be sorted, she would never be happy in her surroundings. From the stories that Lilian told the traumas started exactly at the time she arrived home to me.

To this day, Malu never understood for why she was taken away from her familiar surroundings. Together with Lilian I immediately explained to Malu for why she was my horse, and this I repeated myself to her again that evening.

The result was impressive. Already the following day Malu was interested in me on my arrival at the stables.

It’s gone about 3 weeks since Lilian visit, and Malu has changed much. She has really liven up both in the stables and in the field, she is still interested in me and feel she has confidence in me. In addition, she is a completely different horse to ride, she is forward going and doing small exercises, it’s really quite amazing.

On Lilian’s first visit I had asked if she could clarify for why Trisse was beginning to poke out her tongue to the left while riding, it was not immediately clarified during the visit, but the arrangement was that Trisse should receive 3 treatments of Equine Touch.

These treatments have just been completed, and the results is remarkable. Trisse is more supple in her movements and the tongue only comes out if I don’t get her ridden forward properly.

My horses and I have had great pleasure of Lilian’s abilities, and will certainly make use of them in the future.

I absolutely recommend other horse owners to do the same for their horses.

Camilla Pirupshvarre (Denmark)