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V / L I L I A N   J E P P E S E N
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Since I finshed my studies for a clairvoyant in 1997 I have been working as a professional psychic and medium besides my work as a secretary. I have also worked as a flight attendant and I teach Danish, French and Spanish. Some years later I started to talk to animals too - mainly horses and dogs - some would call it a “horse/dog whisperer”.  I have cliens in Denmark and abroad.

My experiences within the spiritual realms include:

  • clairvoyance to individuals and firms
  • contact to the Spirit World
  • telepathy to animals, mostly to horses and dogs via an e-mailed photo
  • healing af people and animals
  • spiritual house cleaning - houses, flats, farms and horse stables
  • hen parties - the bride-to-be gets a private clairvoyance 
  • homeparties - the participants choose between short private sessions or a united experience
  • I have attended countless fairs
  • Several classes at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, to improve my communication with the Spirit World
  • I have been live on national TV to demonstrate communication with Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, in the Spirit World
  • I have been on a regional TV programme about telepathy and Equine Touch
  • I have made a short movie where I demonstrate Equine Touch og healing The movie about Blackie
  • kursusrække gennem flere år indenfor åndsvidenskabelig forståelse baseret på Martinus Kosmologi
  • I was in an article in a Danish weekly magazine called Femina "Clairvoyance -rip off or fact"
  • I have written a section in a book about the Ouija board
  • I give talks and courses about my communication with the Spirit World 

Please contact me for more info.

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Lilian Jeppesen

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