Telepati til heste ved telepatør, hestehvisker og clairvoyant Lilian Jeppesen, Gesten, Vejen

Bettina: Dexter suffered from a trauma from a burglary after which he was scared of people - here you can read Bettinas experience with telepathy on her loverly Dexter.

Bettina: "My shepherd Dexter got off to a bad start at the vet when he was only 3 months old. Since then it has been difficult for me to touch his tail and thighs.

Some time ago he had another bad experience: There was a burglary in our house while he was alone at home. The burglars had sprayed him with perfume on his head and they chased him up and down the house with our ironing board. 

Our osteopath presume that the burglars have shaked him vehemently as she found out that he had several dislocated cervical vertebras.

Since the burglary Dexter has been mentally unbalanced. He was not happy and he couldn't stay at 

home alone, therefore we had to give him stress moderating medicine. He began to bite me, especially my feet, every time I put on my shoes to leave the house as if he wanted to tell me that I should not leave him.

I then contacted Lilian.

After 2 distant telepathies my dog is happy again. He is now able to talk to strangers again and he can

be left alone at home again. 
 the first time in over 1 year it is now possible for me to touch and hold his tail so that I can curry his thighs.

All in all it has been a fantastic experience and it is so wonderful to have my dog happy again.

I'm so grateful that Lilian was able to help him and I can only recommend to try a telepatic communication if your animal has any kind of problem."

Telepati til heste for større forståelse og bedre resultater ved telepatør og clairvoyant Lilian Jeppesen, Gesten,Vejen

Michael: Lilian is the best horse whisperer.... she saved my Blackie and also Wembley. I'm for ever grateful 

"Lilian came to my stable to do a telepatic session 

on my pony as we had some severe difficulties with our riding. They have now been solved thanks to Lilian. We have reached our goal to qualify for national shows

- and lately we have had more good than bad rides, which also includes training and shows. Among others our team won the South Jutland Championship in 2016.

Thank you so much Lilian - I can only recommend you to contact her 👍".

Anita: I can only give Lilian my warmest recommendations! My daughter had a horse that had difficulties at competitions. He just stood at one spot and reared. After Lilians help he has completed two competitions, he is

much more calm and harmonious. Thank you so much Lilian, your work has meant SO much. We are very convinced that telepathy really works!

BethinaNaja: Without a doubt I recommend Lilian to everyone. We truly had a fantastic experience today. Lilian told us so many things,

that I now know how to continue my work with my fantastic horse and how we can improve and strengthen our relationship.

Thank you so much for all these words and your help today, you truly are a fantastic person and we were happy to meet you and happy that you were able to help us.


She will have 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐from me!

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Maria: I had an exceptional good experience. I can recommend her without any doubts, this is the real deal, a most memorable and unique experience!

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