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Hello and welcome to my website, thanks for stopping by 

My name is Lilian Jeppesen. I was born with psychic powers but since 1997 I work as a certified clairvoyant, medium and HORSE-WHISPERER. I live in Denmark in a small village called Gesten in the South of Jutland where I live in the country together with my horsesm, dogs and cats etc. In the spiritual world distance doesn’t exist so just keep on reading even if you live in another country than Denmark because mainly I give clairvoyances over the phone and written telephaties after you have e-mailed me a picture of your horse, dog or cat. My e-mail address is lilian@lavoyante.dk (with only one l in the middle).

Concurrently with my education at the psychic school to become a certified clairvoyant I worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a secretary and I have also worked as a secretary for a Prime Minister and some lawyers. Two weeks after my exam I was stationed in Paris for three years where I worked as the Ambassador’s secretary. So I started my clairvoyant career in Paris where I also participated in alternative fairs. Furthermore, I have taken several psychic courses at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, to fine-tune my gift to communicate with the Spirit World.

My experience covers several things:



I have been on television a couple of times. One of the times it was on live television where I should try to communicate with late Kurt Cobain. I had no idea of who he was. But during the communication I found out that he had had to do with music… The journalist that interviewed me recognized the things I told her through Kurt Cobain and in the days after I got some emails from people who wanted to confirm the things I had been told from him. It was a very exciting experience :) After the interview the journalist told me that Kurt Cobain was from the rock band Nirvana. That didn’t impress me, I still didn’t know who he was :) :) 

Weekly magazine

Some years ago I participated in a kind of test in a well-known Danish weekly magazine together with two other clairvoyants very well-known within the Danish spiritual world. The article was called “Clairvoyance – true or false?” We were three clairvoyants and only one client who should have a clairvoyant session from all three of us. The test was if we would be able to say the same things to the client. One of the clairvoyants who normally is extremely accurate had apparently a bad day that day because he was mainly wrong. But the other one and I said more or less the same things.


A friend of mine once wrote a book called “Sjælens Univers” translated into English it would be “the Universe of the Soul” where he explains about chakras, psychic powers as clairvoyance and so on, and he asked me to write a chapter about the Ouija board since I had experience with this. I then wrote about my experience talking with the Ouija board which I did countless times together with a girlfriend. In case you read the book, it is in Danish, though, I won’t reveal the end but I can assure you that it is not toy.

The Spirit World

I have also helped countless spirits getting into the Spirit World in my work as medium. People phone me from time to time and ask for help because they hear or see something that isn’t corporeal and of course they are afraid of what it is and some wonder if they are about to go crazy. They are not, it is just someone from the Spirit World that tries to get in contact with the people living in the house. When I come to the house I sense the presence of a Spirit and I get in contact with it and establish a communication where I serve as a channel between the Spirit and the living human being. When the communication is over I guide the Spirit to the Spirit World and the non-corporeal phenomenon stop.



Apart from my work as a clairvoyant I also do horse-whispering, so-called telepathy. I mainly do the telepathy via e-mail. Horse owners mail me a picture of their horse and I sit at home and tune into the horse’s mind and write down everything that turns up.

Podcast about angles


I have been interviewed by two journalists about my experience with angles. In some cases I see angles. I see them as clear as I see anything else in the corporeal world.

Do you have any questions?

Here I have just written a summary of what I do. If there is anything you want to know more about please write me on lilian@lavoyante.dk or phone me or send me a sms at +45 201 207 44. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me and what I do. 

I wish you all the best :)

Lilian Jeppesen

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