Two words for the same thing. It means that it is possible to sense what a horse thinks, feels and wishes.

Working as a horse whisperer I believe that horses, and other animals, have feelings, thoughts, wishes and sorrows just like us. They can be sad and happy.

Many people might find it crazy that they have thoughts and feelings but based on my experience it is completely normal and entirely real.

While I primarily communicate horses and dogs I can also communicate with small animals.



By using telepathy it is possible to access an animal’s state of mind, their thoughts, feelings and wishes. This can be very useful to the owner as they gain a deeper insight into the animal and thereby a better understanding instead of saying “awe, that stupid horse!”. It also benefits the animal as they get chance to draw its owner’s attention to different things that it has tried to do in vain for a long time.

Once an animal has the opportunity to talk about its own welfare it might also tell about a training situation that could be changed in a way that the owner could achieve his goal easier and in a shorter time because of a better harmony and working relationship. Another situation could be that the horse shows symptoms of disease but the vet finds nothing wrong. A horse can worry about many things just like us. A telepathy might be helpful.

When I communicate with a horse I use my psychic powers to access the horse’s state of mind and find information hidden from the normal senses. As with healing, telepathy can be given regardless of distance to the horse. Whether I stand right next to the horse in its box or the horse lives in another country and I look at the horse from a photo does not matter. 

Why contact a horse whisperer?

  • The horse behaves differently than ususal "without any reason".

  • The horse jumps to the side for "no reason".

  • The horse sees "spectres".

  • The horse is sad or depressed.

  • The horse works against you in training and contests?

  • The horse shows very restless behavior.
  • pain
  • forage
  • training
  • its owner
  • other horses
  • bad experiences
  • a depression
  • a loss
  • boredom
  • toothache
  • etc.



Try and imagine, what your animal would say if they could talk! It can be life changing for an animal to be able to say what it thinks and feels. It is truly incredible what can happen – if we only try to listen to them. If they have had bad experiences they remember these experiences and perhaps they build up a depression. Fortunately there are happy horses too but what they share in common is that they very much want to tell aobut how they are.

This little mare told me about a colic it had had and also that it was missing its mother terribly. Having told me that it laid down  as you can see on the picture to the left and I am telling it that its mother soon would come home again after which it rested its head on the ground and fell asleep.

Information needed:

I need the following information about your horse / dog:

Name/nickname, age and gender and a 

picture where I can see most of the body and the head with open eyes looking into the camera.

I only do telepathies on dogs via e-mail, so please send me a photo where I can see the body and head/eyes, name, age and gender. 

What could a horse tell about: